Copyright and Related Rights

We have a lot of information on copyright issues,some reported in the blogs about trade negotiations like TPP, ACTA and NAFTA, RCEP or the WIPO SCCR negotiations. In addition to having separate pages on several of the trade negotiations, we have pages on a variety of copyright topics, such as

Here are links to a few blogs, but its really best to use the search function on a specific topic.

KEI comments on the EC’s Green Paper on Copyright in the Knowledge Economy, November 4, 2008
Copyright exception for U.S. libraries and archives when works not available at reasonable price
Dmitry Medvedev November 2011 message to the G20 leaders on call for new copyright treaty
2015: KEI letter to Register of Copyrights, USPTO and OSTP on copyright issues in TPP
William Patry on Government use of copyright
United States Four Fair Use Factors and the WTO Three-Step Test
KEI Files Brief in Kirtsaeng v John Wiley & Sons (copyright first sale doctrine case)