Government Funded Inventions

We have several pages related specifically to the U.S. Bayh-Dole Act here.

KEI efforts to address pricing and other public interest issues in more than 30 different NIH licensing cases, involving both patents and data rights, are here:

KEI lawsuit against the NIH related to the license of CD30 CAR T patents to Gilead:

Our work on the Sanofi/Army Zika vaccine license is here.

Our work on licensing cases from other U.S. Government agencies is here:

KEI efforts related to the failures to disclose Bayh-Dole rights:

Xtandi is an Army and NIH funded invention, patented by UCLA. Our work on the efforts to get the Army or the NIH to use their march-in or royalty free license rights to obtain lower prices are collected here:

The work on government funded CRISPR inventions is here:

The Fabrazyme patent disputes are here:

The 2004 and 2012 ritonavir cases are here:

Many of the other disputes and commentary on government funded inventions are listed below.