The final conclusions for WIPO SCCR 21

Sometime very early Saturday morning, SCCR 21 ended with these conclusions.

Conclusions_SCCR_21.doc58 KB

What would Sun Tzu have done?

Mr. Jamie Love referred to Ambassador King's remarks on by saying "Recently Ambassador Betty King launched a bizarre, over the top, and highly inaccurate attack... (Amb. King's remarks)

(Mr. Love's remarks re: WIPO Treaty 8. Human Rights and WIPO Treaty @ Paragraph 3)

I responded to Amb. King's comments (twice) as follows :

You all seem to want to go at the US Copyright Office, USPTO, and the US State Department by attacking their strong positions whereas the Copyright Office itself -- for some reason I have yet to comprehend -- left themselves completely vulnerable with the remarks as referenced in WIPO SCCR 20_7 ... but I guess if you all want to bang your heads against the wall that is (as the Thai girls say) up to you.


BTW from

Copyright Law Amendment, 1996:
PL 104-197 December 1996

Is copyright permission required for works published simultaneously in the United States and elsewhere?

All works protected by U.S. copyright law, including those first published abroad or in multiple editions published in several countries, are subject to the exemption for activities undertaken by authorized entities within the United States. Section 104 of title 17 sets out the eligibility requirements for U.S. copyright law protection. For further information, obtain Circular 38a from the Copyright Office.