16 December 2011: KEI side event @ 8th WTO Ministerial Conference: The TRIPS Agreement and Copyright

Friday, 16 December 2011
Knowledge Ecology International (KEI) side event @ 8th WTO Ministerial Conference
Room B, Centre William Rappard, World Trade Organization
Rue de Lausanne 154
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

The TRIPS Agreement and Copyright

Knowledge Ecology International

TRIPS, the copyright 3-step test, and exceptions to rights

Hannu Wager, World Trade Organization: What does the 3-Step test for copyright mean, in the context of the WTO TRIPS Agreement, and how does it differ from the 3-Step tests for trademark or patent rights.

James Love, Knowledge Ecology International: Is there a need to redefine the TRIPS 3-Step test for copyright

TRIPS and remedies for copyright infringement
James Love, KEI: What is the flexibility in Article 44 of the TRIPS for implementing liability rules for access to copyright, outside of the 3-Step test?

TRIPS and the Appendix the Berne Convention
Viviana Munoz, South Centre: Are the copyright flexibilities under TRIPS referenced Appendix to the Berne Convention sufficient to address concerns about access and development in an era of enhanced enforcement of copyright?