Why is it a big mistake to link funding of R&D costs with drug prices?

Alternatives exist that are cheaper, more efficient, and provide fairer and more equal access
8% (24 votes)
When incentives to invest are based on the grant of drug monoplies, prices are high, and access is unequal
9% (28 votes)
When incentives are tied to drug prices, there are excessive investments in medically unimportant "me too" products
4% (13 votes)
When a marketing monopoly is the incentive, it leads to excessive and wasteful outlays on marketing
3% (8 votes)
Differential pricing of drugs is hard to implement and does not solve global access problems
3% (8 votes)
Obligations for strong IPR (like TRIPS) ignore the importance of public funded research
3% (11 votes)
All of the above
71% (226 votes)
Total votes: 318