Face time is policy: Appointment logs for USTR officials Froman, Holleyman and Punke, through July 2016

Attached below are the appointment calendars, with redactions by the USTR FOIA office, for USTR Ambassadors Froman, Holleyman and Punke.

Note: The files containing Ambassador Froman's calendar are arranged alphabetically by month.

Froman2016CalendarsRedacted-through13July.pdf528.44 KB
Froman2013Calendars_Redacted.pdf358.12 KB
Froman2014Calendars_Redacted.pdf849.46 KB
Froman2015Calendars_Redacted.pdf1.09 MB
Punke Calendar_Jan2013_July_2016_Redacted.pdf2.32 MB
Holleyman_calendar_Redacted_Sep2014_July2016.pdf1003.5 KB