US, AU and CA try to block WTO LDC drug patent waiver because PhRMA’s not happy enough with the TPP

Members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) meet this week in Geneva (15 October 2015 – 16 October 2015) to decide if the poorest countries on earth are exempt from WTO rules for pharmaceutical patents. The WTO’s TRIPS Council is expected to make a decision in respect of the request of the LDC Group’s request for indefinite exemption from TRIPS obligations on pharmaceutical patents. Continue Reading

March 28, 2001 letter from Ralph Nader, James Love and Robert Weissman to HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson, regarding WHO right to use NIH funded inventions

Ralph Nader P.O. Box 19312 Washington, DC 20036 James Love Consumer Project on Technology P.O. Box 19367 Washington, DC 20036 Robert Weissman Essential Action P.O. Box 19405 Washington, DC 20036 March 28, 2001 Secretary Tommy Thompson Department of Health and… Continue Reading