SCCR 33 USA Statement regarding the Casters’ treaty

UNITED STATES: THANK YOU, MR. CHAIRMAN, AND THANK YOU, MR. Chairman for all of your hard work in preparing for this meeting, and the same sentiment, of course, to the Secretariat. And Deputy Director General Sylvie Forbin, welcome to the SCCR. We certainly get to have you with us as we continue our work.

On behalf of the U.S. Delegation, we have come prepared for this session of the SCCR to work on the Chairman’s draft consolidated text on definitions, objective protection and rights to be granted. It looks like a comprehensive framework for discussion.

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SCCR 33 Iran statement on the casters’ treaty

> IRAN: Thank you, Mr. Chair. Since this is the first time I take the floor, I would like to join others in congratulating you for chairing this very important committee. We also thank the Secretariat for preparation of the meeting.

My Delegation, associates itself with the statement delivered by the distinguished Delegation of India on behalf of the ACR and the Pacific Group.

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SCCR 33: For the European Union the Casters treaty is a high priority

November 14, 2016

>> EUROPEAN UNION: Thank you, Chairman. The treaty on protecting broadcasting organizations is a high priority for the European Union and its Member States. We are strongly committed to advancing work on the various issues identified in previous committee sessions.
We, therefore, look forward to further progress on the basis of the revised consolidated text on definitions, object of protection, and rights to be granted which you prepared for this session.

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SCCR 33 WBU Statement on the progress of the Marrakesh Treaty

Chris Friend for the WBU delivered the following statment:

>> WORLD BLIND UNION: Thank you, Mr. Chair, and it gives me great pleasure, recognizing the central role that you had in concluding the negotiations at the diplomatic conference in June 2013. It’s a great pleasure for me to congratulate you for your continued Chairing of this important Standing Committee.

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SCCR 33 Selected General Statement by India for Asia Pacific and Chile for GRULAC

November 14, 2016.
General Statements on the SCCR 33 agenda items

>> INDIA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. India has the honor to deliver this statement on behalf of the Asia and Pacific group in this 33rd session of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights. Asia and Pacific Group would like to express its confidence in your experience and your leadership skills. We are confident that your hard work and diligence will yield desired results and help this committee reach a mutual understanding on all outstanding issues.

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SCCR33: Opening statement of the Asia Pacific Group (delivered by India)

Opening Statement by India on behalf of the Asia and the Pacific Group at 33rd Session of the of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights, delivered by Dr. Sumit Seth (Economic Affairs) on 14 November 2016

Mr. Chair,

India has the honor to deliver the Opening Statement on behalf of the Asia and the Pacific Group in this 33rd Session of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights.

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SCCR 33: Argentina, Colombia and Mexico – Note on the Draft Treaty to Protect Broadcasting Organizations

On 8 November 2016, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) published a submission by Argentina, Colombia and Mexico entitled, “Note on the Draft Treaty to Protect Broadcasting Organizations” (SCCR/33/5). In their proposal, the proponents (Argentina, Colombia and Mexico) note that negotiations on a WIPO broadcast treaty have gone on for 18 years and 33 sessions of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR). Continue Reading