In the area of Transparency, KEI works on several different topics, including for example:

Norm setting. KEI has advocated access to meeting venues, timely disclosures of negotiating texts, and the use of webcasting of meetings, among other measures. Trade negotiations tend to be particularly non-transparent, particularly in recent years.

Pharmaceutical markets. KEI is among those advocating transparency of R&D costs, public sector subsidies for R&D, prices, revenues and units sold in different geographic markets, outlays on certain marketing activities, patent landscapes, know-how to manufacture biologic drugs, outcomes from clinical trials, the text of licensing agreements, and other measures.

Freedom of information laws . KEI is concerned about the increasingly poor compliance with U.S. freedom of information laws.

Legislation on transparency of R&D costs in biopharmaceutical sector

Here are a few blogs on transparency topics. More links will be added later.