KEI asks FTC to block Celgene Acquisition of Juno​ Therapeutics, over BCMA-targeted CAR T treatment for Multiple Myeloma

On February 14, 2018, KEI meet with the FTC to express our opposition to Celgene’s proposed acquisition of Juno Therapeutics. Celgene-Juno-KEI-FTC16Feb2018 The Celgene acquisition of Juno Therapeutics would give Celgene control over competing candidates for the treatment of multiple myeloma… Continue Reading


Blogs about compulsory licensing in Colombia are here.


Pages on the 2012-2013 NIH Request October 15, 2013. 15 frequently asked questions about the 2012 ritonavir March-In petition /node/1815 October 8, 2013. Congress asked to hold hearings on NIH failure to address abuses of government financed medical inventions /node/1805… Continue Reading

SCP 26

July 3 to July 6, 2017 WIPO’s Page for the Meeting SCP26 – Agreement reached on future work reached at WIPO Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (6 July 2017) WIPO SCP 26 KEI Side Event: Running royalties as… Continue Reading

WIPO’s proposed treaty on broadcasting

These negotiations have been going on for many years, certainly as early as the 1997 WIPO World Symposium on Broadcasting, New Communication Technologies and Intellectual Property, in Manila, and arguably earlier. Beginning in 2017, there has been a new push… Continue Reading

Orphan works (copyright and related rights)

KEI has advocated for copyright exceptions to expand access to works protected by copyright and related rights, when the owners of the rights cannot be located after reasonably diligent searches. Among the areas where KEI has be particularly active is… Continue Reading

Copyright exceptions

The evolution of exceptions in the Berne Convention: The Berne Convention revisions for limitations and exceptions to copyright, 2012:1 KEI Research Note The 1967 Stockholm Protocol for developing countries; Text: 1967 Stockholm Revision of the Berne Convention Protocol Regarding Developing… Continue Reading