Final conclusions, as approved, for meeting of WIPO SCCR 26

Below is the final version of the conclusions from SCCR 26 (followed at the end with a short KEI commentary).

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR)
Twenty–sixth Session
Geneva, December 20, 2013


Protection of Broadcasting Organizations

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WIPO Broadcasting Treaty is gaining momentum; possible Moscow treaty 2015?

SCCR 26 December 20, 2013 afternoon: workplan discussion

After 5 days of diplomatic if not collegial meetings (at least in plenary, I do not really know what is going on in informals), the last day afternoon session is quite tense. The conclusions have been drafted (I briefly saw a leaked version) and the group coordinators have met with the Chair.

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Library & Archive exceptions at WIPO: Notes from SCCR 26 December 19, 2013 morning session

This morning the WIPO SCCR is going through the list of the following topics:

Topic #1 Preservation
Topic #2 Reproduction and safeguarding of copies
Topic #3 Legal Deposit
Topic #4 Library Lending
Topic #5 Parallel Importations
Topic #6 Cross-border uses
Topic #7 Orphan works, retracted and withdrawn works, and works out of commerce
Topic #8 Limitations on Liability of libraries and Archives
Topic #9 Technological Measures of Protection
Topic #10 Contract
Topic #11 Right to translate works

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