Upcoming Sept 30 – TACD Webinar: Controlled Digital Lending in a Pandemic

(Update: A video recording of the full event is available on our YouTube channel. For a copy of the Zoom chat during the event, please reach out to the contact email below.) On Wednesday September 30, 2020, the Transatlantic Consumer… Continue Reading

Seminars on Drug Pricing: Part 1, Paul Grootendorst

Today, KEI hosted the first talk in a series of seminars on drug pricing. The seminar, conducted via video conference, focused on the Canadian approach to drug pricing. Each seminar in the series is intended to contribute to the discussion on drug pricing and how we can improve affordability and access to medicines. Paul Grootendorst began with a presentation (the slides are available here), before opening up the discussion to questions from those participating in the video conference.

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KEI Seminars on Drug Pricing: 30 April 2015, Prof. Paul Grootendorst on the Canadian approach to drug pricing

On Thursday, 30 April 2015, KEI will host the first talk in a series of seminars on drug pricing. The seminars will take place via video conference (hosted by KEI), and participation is welcome either by attending the presentation at KEI’s Washington, DC offices, or to the extent we are able, joining the digital conference.

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