Comparison between April 29, May 7, and May 10 versions of WHA 72 resolution on transparency

On Monday, May 13th, Politico published the latest version (May 10, 2019) of the transparency resolution noting the “dizzying number of brackets” in the latest text. The original sponsors are: Italy, Greece, Malaysia, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey,… Continue Reading

Open letter supporting Italy’s proposed resolution on Improving the transparency of markets for drugs, vaccines and other health-related technologies

On March 6, 2019, 83 civil society organizations and 20 individuals asked delegates to the World Health Assembly (WHA) to support a proposed resolution on “Improving the transparency of markets for drugs, vaccines and other health-related technologies.” A copy of… Continue Reading

Roadblocks ahead on the WHO Roadmap on Access to Medicines and Vaccines?

By Katy Athersuch [1] and Thiru Balasubramaniam In May 2018, the World Health Assembly (WHA) adopted decision WHA71(8) requesting WHO’s Director-General to “elaborate a roadmap, in consultation with Member States, outlining the programming of WHO’s work on access to medicines… Continue Reading

WHO donors in 2017 – US, Gates Foundation, UK, World Bank, GAVI, Germany and the European Commission: Setting the Agenda for Global Health?

In advance of the 71st World Health Assembly (21 May 2018 – 26 May 2018), the World Health Organization (WHO) published a document (A71/INF./2, 19 April 2018) entitled, Voluntary contributions by fund and by contributor, 2017. Total voluntary contributions to… Continue Reading

KEI Comments on the Draft Concept Note Concerning the WHO General Programme of Work

On October 13, 2017, KEI submitted comments to the WHO regarding the Draft Concept Note towards the WHO’s 13th General Programme of Work. The Draft Concept Note is available here:

The text of KEI’s comments follow below, and a PDF is available here.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Dear Dr. Tedros,

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SEARO RC70: India calls on WHO to take the lead in negotiations of the R&D treaty (General Programme of Work debate)

As noted in an earlier piece, on 25 August 2017 the WHO published a draft concept note to provide a road map to “underpin WHO’s General Programme of of Work from 2019-2023… and serve as the strategic basis for resource mobilization” for the Organization (WHO draft concept note on strategic priorities for 2019-2023 charts a new vision for the organization, 29 August 2017, KEI). Continue Reading

SEARO RC70: Statement of Knowledge Ecology International on Access to Medicines

Knowledge Ecology International (KEI) delivered the following statement during discussions at the WHO South East Asia Region (SEARO) Regional Committee on Access to Medicines on 9 September 2017 in the Maldives.

(Photo taken by Cristina Bajar)

Intervention of Knowledge Ecology International

Seventieth Session of the Regional Committee – SEARO: 8.3 Access to medicines – SEA/RC70/9
Saturday, 9 September 2017

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