WIPO Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore


2009: WIPO General Assembly renews mandate of IGC

2009: U.S. statement on the IGC Mandate at the 2009 WIPO General Assembly


2010: US Statement to 48th WIPO General Assemblies on IGC on genetic resources, traditional knowledges and folklore


2011: Decision for WIPO GA 49: Matters Concerning the IGC on IP and genetic resources, traditional knowledge and folklore


2012: IGC20: Statement by the Holy See on patenting of life forms


2013: IGC25: Draft Recommendation to WIPO General Assembly (24 July 2013)


2014: WIPO General Assembly 2014: Draft decision on item 16 (IGC on genetic resources, traditional knowledge & folklore)

2014: WIPO General Assembly 2014: Opening statement of the United States broaches IGC, broadcasting treaty and copyright L&Es


2016: WIPO IGC30: Questions remain on protection of genetic resources as hard decisions postponed until 2017

2016: WIPO IGC30: Narrowing existing gaps relating to the protection of genetic resources?

2016: WIPO IGC30: Clean and track-changed version of Facilitators’ text on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources

2016: KEI statement at WIPO GA 2016 on the Inter-governmental Committee (IGC) on genetic resources, traditional knowledge

WIPO GA 2016: Statement by India on behalf of Asia Pacific Group – Report on the IGC


2017: WIPO IGC 25 and Traditional Cultural Expressions: Intervention of KEI on Article 3 on the scope of protection

2017: WIPO General Assembly 2017: Draft text on mandate of the future of the IGC (6 October 2017)