SCCR33: Conclusions – Artist Resale Right (droit de suite)

On Friday, 18 November 2016, WIPO’s Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights reconvened in plenary at 8:45 PM to review the Summary of the Chair. The time stamp of the draft document is 8:00 PM.

The following paragraph relates to the SCCR’s deliberations on the proposal submitted by Senegal and Congo on the Resale Right (droit de suite). The Committee agreed to the convening of a conference prior to SCCR34 (1-5 May 2017) on the legal and economic perspectives of droit de suite, including its potential effects on art markets.

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SCCR 31 KEI Statement on Droit de Suite/Resale Rights

Day 5 of SCCR 31, December 11, 2015


Thank you Mr Chair.

We welcome the proposal tabled by Senegal and the Congo to include the droit de suite, the artist resale right, in this Committee’s agenda for future work.

I would like to refer to the Directive mentioned by the Commission, Directive 2001/84/EC which came into force on 1 January 2006:

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SCCR 30: Resale right proposal on the table?

Today on the last day of the SCCR 30, under Agenda Item 9 “Other Matters” Congo-Brazzaville asked for the floor to propose that the WIPO Copyright and Related Right Committee start working on the Resale Right, a fundamental right for authors of graphic and plastic arts. This economical rights consists of a small percentage of the resale price that art market professionals pay to artists at each resale of their works be it in auction or in a gallery.


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WIPO asked to create new treaty on the resale right (droit de suite) for works of art

A new campaign (see started today with an elegant lunch provided by the European Visual Artisits (EVA) representing the demandeurs of a brand new global right, the resale right (droit de Suite). It was followed by a panel of visual artists and their representative among them a very articulate DG of ADGO (Societe des auteurs dans les arts graphiques et plastiques), Marie-Anne Ferry-Fall.
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