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Government Funded Inventions

We have several pages related specifically to the U.S. Bayh-Dole Act here. KEI efforts to address pricing and other public interest issues in more than 30 different NIH licensing cases, involving both patents and data rights, are here: http://keionline.org/nih-licenses KEI… Continue Reading

Birch Bayh’s competing interests and evolving views

The 1980 Bayh-Dole Act is named after two former US Senators, Birch Bayh and Bob Dole. In 2002 both claimed the Bayh-Dole Act march-in provisions were not intended to address cases where prices for inventions are unreasonable, and Senator Bayh repeated this view during a 2004 march-in case involving Abbott patents on ritonavir.

Among the provisions of the Act that suggest otherwise are the following:

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