Congressional hearings on the Orphan Drug Act

Add some hearings.. 1983 Oversight on implementation of the Orphan Drug Act (Public Law 97-414) : hearing before the Committee on Labor and Human Resources, United States Senate, Ninety-eighth Congress, first session, on reviewing the radioepidemiological tables and thyroid cancer… Continue Reading

Orphan Drug Timeline

(More on this topic here: and here.) 1980 April 17, 1980. Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman introduces H.R.7089 (96th Congress) – “A bill to establish an office in the National Institutes of Health to assist in the development of drugs for… Continue Reading

Orphan Drugs

Orphan Drug Timeline Data from Orphan Drug Tax Credit 2017. What does the Orphan Drug Tax Credit tell us about the Costs of Clinical Trials? Bill of Health. November 15. From 2010 to 2016, the average qualifying trial costs claimed… Continue Reading


The 2010 Fabrazyme NIH Bayh-Dole march-in case The 2014 FTC complaint regarding collusion between Shire and Sanofi.

2010 Fabrazyme March-In Request

More on Fabry here: NIH rejects Fabrazyme March-In Petition December 7, 2010. Press release from Fabry patients: DHHS denies patient’s march-in request to end Genzyme’s rationing of treatment for Fabry Disease citing that FDA rules block manufactures from supplying… Continue Reading

2018: Briefing note on NIH proposed license to Gilead for CD-30 CAR T technology

Contact: Kim Treanor 202-332-2670; January 5, 2018 The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has proposed an exclusive license with Gilead for certain patent applications for inventions that target CD-30 proteins and CAR T technologies. The proposed license is to… Continue Reading

KEI Comment on GOP proposal to eliminate the Orphan Drug Tax Credit

Statement by James Love, KEI Director, on GOP proposal to eliminate the Orphan Drug Tax Credit.

The GOP proposal to eliminate the Orphan Drug Tax Credit may create a new opportunity to reform the incentives for rare diseases, even if the tax bill fails or the tax credit survives. The GOP tax bill shows there is weaker support for the existing regime than many thought.

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2017: Kymriah, the Novartis $475,000 CAR T treatment, received 50 percent Orphan Drug tax credit on trials

Missing in the reporting on the Novartis price for Kymriah, its new $475,000 CAR T treatment, is that Novartis received an Orphan Drug designation in February 3, 2015, and sequently received a tax credit subsidy from the United States equal to 50 percent of the cost of qualifying clinical trials.

From the FDA database on Orphan Designations:

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