Countries included in the Merck/molnupiravir voluntary license with generic suppliers

(For more resources, please see our page on molnupiravir.) According to Brook Baker, these are the countries included in the Merck voluntary license to generic suppliers Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Belize, Benin, Bhutan, Bolivia, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon,… Continue Reading

International landscape of molnupiravir patents

(For more resources, please see our page on molnupiravir.) KEI has built a dataset of patents related to molnupiravir based upon a study by Imran et al (2021), the Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) MedsPal database, and our own searches. Our… Continue Reading


Also known as EIDD-2801 or MK-4482. KEI Blogs 2021. October 22. Countries included in the Merck/molnupiravir license. 2021. October 20. International landscape of molnupiravir patents. 2021. October 4. U.S. Government’s $1.2 Billion Contract for Merck’s Investigational COVID-19 Drug Molnupiravir Redacts… Continue Reading

US government rights in patents on Molnupiravir, based upon funding of R&D at Emory University

(For more resources, please see our page on molnupiravir.) Molnupiravir, the oral pill that is showing promising results as a potential treatment for covid-19, was invented at Emory University with U.S. government funds. After more than six years of non-clinical… Continue Reading

Notes from March 16th 2007 U.S. Capitol Briefing on Thailand’s Compulsory Licenses

On Friday, March 16, KEI organized a briefing in the U.S. Capitol on Thailand’s recent compulsory licenses on three drugs; two for HIV/AIDS (Merck’s efavirenz (Stocrin) and Abbott’s lopinavir + ritonavir (Kaletra)) and one for heart disease (Sanofi’s clopidogrel (Plavix)). … Continue Reading

March 8, 2007 Geneva Q&A Session on Thai White Paper

Knowledge Ecology International: Q&A Session on Thai White Paper (Facts and Evidences on the 10 Burning Issues Related to the Government Use of Patents on Three Patented Essential Drugs in Thailand) Geneva, Switzerland 8 March 2007 Thiru Balasubramaniam On Thursday,… Continue Reading


R 031944Z JUN 05 – June 3, 2005FROM: American Embassy BrasiliaTO: Secretary of State, Washington, D.C.SUBJECT: AMBASSADOR MEETS WITH U.S. PHARMACEUTICAL FIRMS THREATENED WITH LICENSING 1. (SBU) Summary.  On May 24 and 25, U.S. pharmaceutical companies Gilead Sciences, Abbott Laboratories,… Continue Reading